What is the fifth largest country?

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Did you know that Brazil is the fifth largest country of the world in territorial extension? O country occupies an area of ​​8,547,403 km² on planet Earth.

What is the fifth largest country?

Why is Brazil the fifth largest country in the world?

Brazil is considered a country with continental dimensions, as it has a territorial extension of 8,514,876 km2. … It is the fifth largest country on the planet, it is only smaller than the territories of Russia, Canada, China and the United States, respectively.

What is the biggest country?

Russia is the country with the largest land area in the world. It occupies almost half of Europe and about a third of Asia. There are more than 17 million square kilometers! The official language is Russian, the currency is the ruble, and the capital is Moscow.

What is the biggest country in the world 2021?

Currently, the largest country in the world is Russia, which has about 17 million square kilometers, that is, almost twice as much as the second largest country in terms of territory in the world.

What is the largest country United States or Brazil?

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. In territorial extension, it only loses to Russia, Canada, China and the United States.



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What are the 5 largest countries in the world in ascending order?

Top 10 countries in the world:

  • 1st – Russia (Asia and Europe)
  • 2nd – Canada (North America)
  • 3rd – People’s Republic of China (Asia)
  • 4th – United States (North America)
  • 5th – Brazil (South America)
  • 6th – Australia (Oceania)
  • 7th – India (Asia)
  • 8th – Argentina (South America)

What is the sixth largest country in the world by land area?

6 Australia 7 692 024 Km²

The Commonwealth of Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with a land area of ​​7 692 024 km².

What are the largest countries in the world by population?

Check out the ranking of the 10 most populous countries in 2020, according to the most recent report released by the UN:

  • China 1,439,324,000 inhabitants.
  • India 1,380,004,000.
  • United States 331,003,000.
  • Indonesia 273,524,000.
  • Pakistan 220,892,000.
  • Brazil 212,559,000.
  • Nigeria 206,140,000.
  • Bangladesh 164,689,000.

How big is Brazil 2020?

Did you know that Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of land area? The country occupies an area of ​​8,547,403 km² on planet Earth. The countries bigger than it are: United States, China, Canada and Russia.

How many kilometers is Brazil from end to end?

However, as these distances are almost equal, it is customary to say that Brazil is an equidistant country: the east-west distance in a straight line reaches 4 328 km and north-south 4 320 km.

How big is England compared to Brazil?

To get an idea of ​​the size of the Brazilian territory, the United Kingdom would only fit inside São Paulo and Bahia is just a little smaller than France. Check the map below for a comparison between the size of Brazilian states and some countries in the world.

Why is Brazil a continental country?

Due to its territorial extension, Brazil is considered a continental country because it occupies a large part of South America. The country is in fifth place in terms of territory size.

Why is Brazil considered a country of latitudinal extension?

Don’t stop now… There’s more after the publicity 😉 The extension of the Brazilian territory is marked by the great distance from its extreme points of location. … Thus, in latitudinal terms, the Brazilian territory extends from something close to 5º North to approximately 33º South.

Why is Brazil a country with a tropical climate?

Note Brazil’s location in South America.

Brazil, due to its location, is considered a tropical country because most of its territory is located between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, in the Tropical Zone.

What is the smallest country in the world?

The smallest country in the world is the Vatican-Holy See, which is located within the city of Rome, Italy.

What are the ten largest countries by land area?

Find out which are the 15 largest countries in the world by territory

  • Russia. Size: 17 million km²…
  • and 4. China and USA. 🇧🇷
  • Brazil. Size: 8.5 million km²…
  • Australia. Size: 7.7 million km²…
  • India. Size: 3.28 million km²…
  • Argentina. Size: 2.78 million km²…
  • Kazakhstan. Size: 2.72 million km²…
  • Algeria. Size: 2.38 million km²

What is Brazil’s position in the ranking and its population?

6th place: Brazil — 211,049,519 inhabitants. 5th place: Pakistan — 216,565,317 inhabitants. … 3rd place: United States of America — 326,766,748 inhabitants. 2nd place: India — 1,366,417,756 inhabitants.

How big are the United States and Brazil?

United States X Brazil

While the North American world power occupies the fourth place in the list of the largest countries in the world, with an extension of 9.37 million km², Brazil comes behind, in fifth place, with 8.51 million km².

How big is Europe compared to Brazil?

The vast territorial area of ​​Brazil makes the country considered “of continental dimensions”, being almost the same size as Oceania (8,525,989 km²) and a little smaller than the whole of Europe (10,180,000 km²).

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